Broad and versatile, COSPLASTIC industrial park is prepared to supply market with: films and plastic bags, multilayer, laminates, flats or printed in up to 8 colors, plus vacuum packages, using structures such as: PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), BOPP, PET (polyester), aluminum, nylon (polyamide) and EVOH.

COSPLASTIC products are always in accordance to market and clients' specifications. The cause for that is simple: a complete, advanced quality control laboratory performs, regularly, physical analysis to guarantee any solicitation.

Standardization and documentation of all production process makes possible to COSPLASTIC to repeat as well as maintain quality in packages manufacturing.

These and others procedures, such as implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System assured COSPLASTIC a certification in 2008, according to the ISO9001:2008 rule.